New-Onset Seizure Clinic

New-Onset Seizure Clinic

The Epilepsy Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute offers a specialized clinic for individuals who have experienced a recent seizure or seizure-like episode. The New-Onset Seizure Clinic, headed by David Ficker, MD, gives patients rapid access to epilepsy specialists and the most accurate diagnostic techniques available. As a result, patients receive advanced epilepsy care early — within a week of their referral.

The clinic is designed to meet the need for prompt access to specialists who focus solely on epilepsy and who are trained to make timely referrals to an epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) for comprehensive evaluations, including evaluations for epilepsy surgery. Delays in accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of epilepsy can result in memory deficits, loss of the ability to work and drive, and loss of self-esteem.

Studies show that U.S. patients with epilepsy are referred to a comprehensive epilepsy center an average of 20 years after their first seizure. Often, these patients have been striving to manage their epilepsy with medication and lifestyle adjustments, but without access to complete testing for underlying problems which, if treated, could reduce or even eliminate their seizures.

Not all patients who are evaluated at the New-Onset Seizure Clinic are diagnosed with epilepsy. An initial analysis of 121 patients who underwent a comprehensive evaluation showed that 23 percent did not have seizures. Those patients received rapid evaluation and treatment for their non-seizure diagnoses.

The New-Onset Seizure Clinic allows patients who have experienced a seizure to benefit from timely diagnosis, treatment, education, and followup. Those who see an epilepsy specialist early in their treatment are most apt to be prescribed medication that is suited to their current and future needs. When prescribing medication, our epilepsy specialists place a premium on:

  • Minimization of a medication’s bothersome side effects, such as drowsiness, cognitive impairment, or weight gain
  • Avoidance of drug interactions involving epilepsy medications and other drugs the patient might be taking
  • Minimization of skin rash risk
  • Bone health
  • Safety during pregnancy

Our experienced, compassionate team of epilepsy specialists provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic expertise in all aspects of:

  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Advanced imaging techniques
  • 24-hour inpatient EEG monitoring

Specialists at the Epilepsy Center’s New-Onset Seizure Clinic see patients at the UC Health Physicians Office Building adjacent to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Clifton and at University Pointe in West Chester, Ohio.

You can request an appointment online, or call (513) 475-8730.