The Epilepsy Center has a long history of dedication to clinical and scientific research. As one of the leading international centers in drug development, drug comparisons, and the design of trials for drug testing, the center has helped bring 13 new treatments to market.

The center has developed new methods of epilepsy surgery evaluation, and it has developed new methods for identifying seizures in comatose patients and for studying EEG and fMRI simultaneously to better understand underlying mechanisms of epilepsy.

Our scientific experts have made discoveries related to depression and epilepsy, the genetics of epilepsy, seizure-like attacks not related to epilepsy, and cognitive testing that optimizes surgical treatment and that measures the effects of seizures and medications. We have conducted research into the best treatments for pregnant women with epilepsy.

Today, in a groundbreaking new study called Stress Management Intervention for Living with Epilepsy (SMILE), our researchers are using smartphones (above) in an effort to determine whether stress can precipitate seizures and, if so, whether a reduction in stress can keep seizures from occurring at all.

Our clinical research team includes physicians in all neuroscience specialties, neuro-imaging specialists, research nurses and regulatory experts. Patients who seek treatment at our center will be offered the opportunity to participate in available clinical trials for which they qualify.

Epilepsy Clinical Trials

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